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DEADLY DIVERSION by Starsky's Sweet Angel

A female undercover reporter with a penchant for being in the right place at the right time endangers the lives of S & H and a mob informant who's marked for assassination by his former employer. Things become especially complicated when the normally levelheaded Hutch falls for her.


PaSt and PrEseNT by Starsky's Sweet Angel

These events take place in the lives of David Starsky and Kenneth Hutchinson both before and after having been in and out of contact with each other for many years. Since the coldblooded attack that wreaked havoc on their lives, bad timing and the ups and downs of life have contributed to a loss of contact between the two. A serendipitous turn of events brings them back together again.


ANGEL'S FLIGHT by Starsky's Sweet Angel

Trouble ensues when Detective David Michael Starsky obligates himself and his partner (over his objections) to investigating the possibility that a young woman’s mother might have been murdered and in the process finds himself becoming more involved in her life than in the case itself.



This little snippet came about as I was writing another story which involved the results of the Gunther assassination attempt. As I was writing that one, I consulted the final episode "Sweet Revenge". Then after watching it, felt that the scene where Hutch runs to check on Starsky should have been longer. Here is how I filled in what Hutch and Starsky might have done, thought and said that day.

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